Adding and Deleting Vendor Folders

This feature helps with the organization of vendors. Vendors can be grouped in folder groups as shown below. Common settings can be configured for all vendors within a folder group. Review the Setting Vendor defaults section for more details.

Vendor folders are created by selecting Expenses > Options from the main EBMS menu and then clicking on the Vendor Categories tab. For further explanation of how to create folders for vendors, review [Main] Features > Folder Groups for more details in creating folders.

Change the folder name or edit the button of the highlighted folder as necessary.

Click on the Naming tab to configure EBMS to automatically create a vendor ID when a new vendor record is created. Review [Main] Standard Features > Creating IDs for more details on these settings.

EBMS comes with one standard folders - Vendors. Additional active folders can be added as needed. Folders will be most helpful if designed in a manner that will facilitate ease of selection for a specific group of vendors.

EXAMPLE:  A hardware store may create vendor folders for Suppliers, Subcontractors, Service, and Other. Additional subfolders within the Suppliers folder named Tools, Farm Supplies, Sports Equipment, and General hardware would further group his vendors in convenient folders. See the Folder Lists section for more details on adding and changing folder lists.

All vendors that you no longer deal with should be marked inactive rather than deleting them. Doing this preserves vendor history while removing the vendor from being included in any vendor-related reports. Review the Making a Vendor Inactive section for more details.

Changing the Name of a Vendor Folder

To change the name of a vendor folder, click the Properties button and the following window will appear:                                          

The Tree ID value is used to query or identify the folder.  Review [Main] Technical > Set Query Options for instructions to query records based on category or folder.

Vendor folders can also be added in the New Vendor wizard.