Adding Overhead to an Individual Job

Complete the following section to apply a percentage overhead to a stage.

  1. Open a stage from a job and click on the Totals tab as shown below:
  2. Enter a Percent of Cost value.

  3. The Profit Center entry may not appear if Profit Center options are not enabled. Review the Using Profit Centers to Calculate Job Costs for more details regarding profit centers.

  4. The Budgeted Overhead value should be blank unless the Add Overhead to Budget switch is enabled within the stage's classification. Review Adding Overhead to the Budget Total for steps to add overhead to Budget.

  5. The Actual Overhead value is calculated by multiplying the Percent of Cost by the Actual costs.

Complete the following steps to change the Percent of Cost within multiple stages in the same job.

  1. Right click on the Percent of Cost entry and select Filter Down from the context menu to open the following dialog:

  2. Set the Stage option.

  3. Select the All stages with the same classification option to copy the Percent of Cost value to stages within the job that contain the same classification.

  4. Select the All stages option to copy the Percent of Cost value to all stages within the current job.  The other options are disabled since the dialog was opened within an existing job. Review Overhead Costs > Globally Change Overhead Percentages section to change the Percent of Cost value within multiple jobs.

  5. Click on the OK button to complete the changes.

Repeat the steps for each stage within a job.