Print Logging

The Print Log feature built within EBMS allows the user the ability to quickly view the reports which have been printed for a given customer on a specific document.

These Print Logs can be accessed through the Print Log tab located on the proposal, sales order, purchase order, or manufacturing batch.

Time Saving Benefits:

Shown below is the Print Log tab as displayed on the Sales Order.

NOTE: The Printed Last field can be queried within the Batch Processing module to create batches of orders that have the same status. For example: all orders that have had a 'Packing List' printed and are now ready to be processed. Query the 'LAST_PRINT' field for a Value that starts with 'Packing List' if that is the name of the report.  Review [Sales] Invoices > Batch Processing for more query details.

Review [Sales] Sales orders > Sales Order Documents for more information on printing order documents.

Review [Financials] Purchase Orders > Edit or Print Purchase Orders on PO print logs.

Review [Inventory] Manufacturing > Creating a Batch > Edit or Print a Batch for more details on manufacturing batch print logs.