Quarterly and Annual Payroll Reports

EBMS contains many of the federal US forms used by EBMS users to report payroll information.

Many yearend processes including form updates can be accessed at https://info.eaglebusinesssoftware.com/support/yearend.   This page is also accessible by selecting Financials > Year End Information from the main EBMS menu.

United States

Quarterly 941 Forms

Complete the following steps to print the quarterly 941 forms to report federal payroll taxes:

  1. Update 941 form before printing the first quarter forms at the end of March.   941 forms are updated at least annually.  Review download updated 941 form and other information at https://info.eaglebusinesssoftware.com/support/yearend.  

  2. Select Reports > Labor > Taxes from the File > Reports menu of EBMS to view the tax reports as shown below:

  3. Select the 941 Employer's Quarterly Tax Return report from the menu to open the following report prompts:

  4. Select the Calendar Quarter for the payroll period that is being reported.  

  5. Set the proper Payroll Year.

  6. Review the other values on this report.  Most of these values will remain at zero.   The report will compile the standard 941 tax values and generate the form with the values included.   

  7. Set the appropriate report options as shown above.  

FUTA and SUTA taxes

Select Reports > Labor > Taxes from the File > Reports menu of EBMS to view the tax reports as shown below:

Select State Unemployement Report in the reports menu shown above for SUTA taxes.

Annual 943 Form

Select Reports > Labor > Year End > 943 Employers Annual Tax Report from the File > Reports menu of EBMS.   

Annual W2 and W3 Forms

W2 forms can be filed using either of the following options:

  1. Printing information on preprinted W2 forms

  2. E-filing W2 information:  Review Electronic W2 Filing for instructions on the electronic filling to the federal SSA, state, or local agencies.

Complete each of the following steps to properly submit W2 information:

  1. Update W2 forms and review updated information about printing W2s at https://info.eaglebusinesssoftware.com/support/yearend.  

  2. Complete the W2 review steps in Closing the Payroll Year > Process and Print W2s before printing forms.

  3. Order preprinted W2 forms:  For Employees: Two pages (a total of 6 W-2's) should be printed for each employee. The employee form is required to be printed on perforated paper with three on a page. Click here to order forms from Eagle Software.

  4. Print and review the Employee Earnings Record by selecting File > Reports > Reports > Labor > Year End folder as shown below:

  5. Print either the preprinted W2s forms or the plain paper forms if the W2s are E-filed after carefully reviewing the Employee Earnings report. The employer copies submitted to the various agencies do not normally need to be on perforated paper.  

  6. Print the W3s after W2s are printed and verified.

Review [Financials] Financial Reporting > Overview for a complete list of financial reports.


Contact the Eagle Business Software Canada office for details on the Canadian forms.