The map pane within MyDispatch is used to identify the location of the technician using MyTime.  The location of each worker is identified by a map pin as shown below.  Note that the task color, number, and description is shown along with the worker's name.  

Enable the Map Pins

The following settings are required to communicate the worker's MyTime location to MyDispatch:

  1. Enable the Report location to MyDispatch option within the MyTime Properties as shown below:

    Review MyTime > Setup > EBMS user Configuration for more details on accessing MyTime App Properties.
  2. Enable the MS Windows > settings > Privacy > Location option to allow an app to access the location of the device that is hosting MyTime.  

Using the Map

Tap the worker name within the schedule pane to move the map to focus the selected worker on the center of the map.

Resize the map pane by dragging the top map bar upward or move the left map bar.