Manufacturing Batch Tab

The MyTime app is an excellent tool to enter time and materials information for a manufacturing batch.  

The MyTime record contains a Batch tab instead of the Invoice tab if the task is attached to a manufacturing batch.  Review Tasks > Creating a Task from a Manufacturing Batch for steps to attach a task to a batch.  

  1. Open the app and touch the Batch tab as shown below:

  2. Tap on the manufacturing batch number to open the manufacturing batch within EBMS.  Note that the EBMS software must be installed on the same device as MyTime for this feature to open the EBMS batch.

  3. Change the Status setting to any of the following settings:

  4. The quantity of Finished Goods product from the MyTime app.  

  5. The EBMS product record can be opened for each Consumed Goods lines if EBMS is installed on the same device as MyTime.

  6. The quantity of Consumed Goods can be adjusted.

  7. Touch to close MyTime task.   

Create the required manufacturing tasks within EBMS: Review Tasks > Tasks Overview for EBMS task instructions.

Log time for manufacturing tasks: Review Tracking Labor and Completing Tasks for labor tracking steps for manufacturing staff.