Configuring Payroll Forms

Payroll forms are configured within the bank account that is used to process payroll. Payroll checks are required to be configured if employees are paid using a printed check. Direct deposit receipts are required for employees that are paid using direct deposit payroll. Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Expenses > Bank Accounts to display the list of bank accounts.

  2. Select the bank account that is used to process payroll and click on the Properties button.  

  3. Click on the Reports tab of the bank account, as shown below:

  4. Select the proper Payroll check report by clicking on the Select Report button.

  5. Enable the Pre-Printed option only if the payroll checks are being printed on blank security paper. Review [Financials] Vender Payments > Printing Checks and other Forms on Blank Security Paper or more details on blank security forms.

  6. Select the Payroll Direct Deposit Receipt report setting. A receipt must be given to the employee as evidence of the ACH payment. Review Direct Deposit > Direct Deposit Overview for more details on direct deposit settings.

Review [Financials] Bank Accounts > Changing Bank Account Information for more details on the bank account reports settings.