Select the Scanner app within MyEBMS and select Shipping as shown below:

The shipping mode is used to populated the Shipped or Ordered quantities, create a new order, or process the sales order into an invoice.  A sales order barcode can be scanned to open an order.

Scan or enter a sales order number and touch Open order icon to open an existing order.

Scan or enter the customer ID to create a new sales order.  Tap the camera button on the title bar to scan a barcode using the device's camera.

Enable the Return mode to decrement the quantities instead of increase them.  

Product can be picked (marked shipped) within a sales order by scanning a UPC code or a printed label.  The quantity can be incremented by subsequent barcode scans or by adjusting the Scanned quantity.  

The quantities that are increased or decreased by this scanning action are determined by the following user based Settings:

  1. Set shipped quantity:  This is the recommended setting when populating the shipped quantity of a sales order during the picking process.   

  2. Set ordered quantity:  Use this option to create sales orders without pulling stock.

  3. Set ordered and shipped quantities:  Select to create new orders and ship orders at the same time.  

These settings are user based setting.  Review Barcodes > Scanning Barcodes - Increment Counts within EBMS for default settings.

Tap Totals to view the order totals.

Tap Add new to add new products to the order.

Enter Product IDs or scan the product's barcode as well as adjust the Shipped and Ordered quantities.  Tap save    to add these items and return to the sales order list.

Tap Process to process and close the Sales Order. Once a sales order has been processed it cannot be open from the scanner.

Tap Print to print the sales order/invoice.  This option will print the report that has been set in EBMS for the scanner.  Review Configuring the Scanner in EBMS for instructions to set up the report.

Review [Sales] Sales Orders > Entering a Sales Order to view this document within the EBMS software.