Receiving and Processing Special Orders

Use the Special Orders tab of the purchasing dialog to schedule the purchase of special orders to fit the customer or manufacturing process' required arrival date.  Review the last section: Purchasing special order items from the Special Orders tab of the purchasing screen within Purchasing Special Orders to schedule the arrival of special order product.

An important step is when receiving special orders is to mark the sales order shipped as soon as product is received so that the special order items do not appear to be available for sale.   This step can be accomplished using the following methods:

  1. Use the Sync Quantities special order method:  This purchasing method marks the Shipped quantity on the sales order to match the Received quantity on the purchase order.  Review Special Order Overview for details.

  2. Scan the product when pulling for an order:  This method is ideal if the product is put into inventory before it is pulled.  The danger of this method is that special order product may be sold before the item is pulled for a special order.

  3. Use the Associated method and scan labels:  This process requires the following steps:

    1. Receive product and print product labels that also include the sales order barcode:

    2. Scan the sales order barcode to open the sales order and then scan the product barcode to mark the item shipped.  Review Barcode Overview for details to open a dialog and to populate the shipped quantity.

Review Receiving Overview for steps to receive product and refer to the Printing Labels for instructions to print sales order barcodes on the product labels.