Receiving Dialog

A purchase order is used to identify the quantity and cost of the products that are ordered. If the received column within the purchase order is zero, the inventory items are recorded in inventory as ordered, but do not affect the total on hand count.

The Receiving Window associates all the back orders from purchase orders into a single screen rather than processing each purchase order separate.  The benefits of this window is limited if no purchase order back orders are created.  The Receiving Window allows a user to split purchase orders based on back orders.   The back order is based on the quantity received and the date product was received.   

Complete the following steps to receive items using the Receiving window:

  1. Go to Expenses > Receiving option on the EBMS menu to open the following dialog:

  2. Enter the Vendor ID and enter a P.O.  Click on the look up list to select a purchase order from a list.  The system will load all back orders and invoices that contain the specified P.O.

  3. Enter the amounts received into the Receiving column. Click the Receive All button to populate the Receiving column with the balance.  This value may be restricted to the ordered quantity by setting the Expenses > Options > Invoices and P.O.s > allow Received quantity to exceed Ordered option.

  4. All products that are needed to fill Unfulfilled Sales Orders will show a different color. Right-click on any purchase order line and select Unfulfilled Sales Orders from the context menu to view the sales order.

  5. Click the Process button to process. The Total on Hand count within the Inventory > Count tab of each item is affected by the amount on the purchase order. A back order is created if not all items have been received. The back order document will be labeled as ####.1 etc.

  6. The Receiving values will be copied to the Received column. Double click on any purchase order line to view received purchase orders or invoices.

Open the purchase order from the purchasing dialog to print product labels.  Review Printing Labels and Reports for more details.

This process only updates inventory counts and does not update financial values such as accounts payable or inventory asset totals.  Receiving product will add the item(s) to the inventory Count and remove them from the P.O. Ordered and Received values of the inventory count tab. Review [Financials] Expense Invoices > Processing an Invoice to process the purchase order into an expense invoice and update