1099 Overview

The Form 1099 is used to report various types of income other than wages, salaries, and tips (for which Form W-2 is used instead). Examples of reportable transactions are amounts paid to a non-corporate independent contractor for services (in IRS terminology, such payments are non-employee compensation). The ubiquity of the form has also led to use of the phrase "1099 workers" or "the 1099 economy" to refer to the independent contractors themselves.

Contact an accountant to determine the following information before attempting to print the 1099 forms. More information can be found from an IRS tax form instruction document or on Wikipedia.

The following information and settings must be verified before printing 1099 forms:

Review the Printing 1099 Forms section for printing instructions.

The following information and settings should be verified before printing 1099 forms.

Contact an accountant or EBMS consultant for the most recent tax details that affect these settings.