Printing 1099 Forms

1099s need to be printed and mail to vendors that require this form.  Generate the 1099 Report to evaluate totals in January after the calendar year is completed.  The following items should be verified before printing 1099 information on preprinted forms:

Complete the following steps to generate end of the year 1099 forms:

  1. Go to File > Reports and select Reports > Financials > 1099 Reports as shown below:

  2. Print the 1099 payments report on plain report paper by selecting Financials > 1099 Reports > 1099 Payments report from the main EBMS menu File > Reports:

    1. Select All Vendors to list all payments.  Only the 1099 vendor transactions will be listed.  

    2. Enter last Calendar Year to run the 1099 payments for the past year.  

    3. Only enable the Print if Under Threshold if all payments should be listed even those under the minimum threshold to print 1099 forms.  Review Viewing 1099 Controls and Changing Threshold for threshold details.  

    4. Enable the Print details to evaluate the payment details.  

    5. Generate the following report by clicking Print or Print Preview:

      This report is useful to verify all 1099 data. This report will also indicate how many 1099 forms are needed. See previous sections of this manual for instructions on changing 1099 history data.

  3. Determine the number of each type of 1099 forms and 1096 forms.  A 1096 form must be printed for each type of 1099 form.  Go to to purchase preprinted forms.   It is recommended to purchase a few extra forms to make sure that a misprint 1099 form can be reprinted.  

  4. Print 1099 preprinted reports that are listed on the 1099 Payments report that equal or exceed the threshold.

    A 1096 form must be printed for each type of 1099 form.  For example, one 1096 Misc. Form is required as a summary of all 1099 Misc forms and must be submitted to the tax agency along with the 1099 forms.

Contact an accountant or EBMS consultant with any questions regarding 1099 forms.