Installing the EBMS Excel Add-in

The EBMS Excel formula option requires that MS 2007 or 2012 be installed on the local computer. The MS Excel 32 bit version is compatible with the EBMS formula option. The MS Excel 64 bit version is not compatible. Please uninstall MS Excel 64 bit version and reinstall MS Excel 32 bit version to use this option.   

Complete the following steps to install the EBMS Excel formula add-in.  

  1. Verify that the optional EBMS Excel formula add-in is included in the license copy of EBMS. Review the Optional EBMS Modules section for more details or contact an EBMS consultant to determine if this option is included.

  2. Verify that MS Excel is installed on each computer that will use the EBMS Excel formulas.  The MS Excel Add-in option must be enabled from the Setup.exe file installed on the main server when EBMS was initially installed.   Note that the automated EBMS upgrade tool does not allow the user to add this feature if it was not configured to be added during the initial EBMS client installation.  The Setup.exe file can be accessed from the ClientInstaller folder on the server.   Contact you IT staff to accomplish this task if the client installer file cannot be located.  

  3. Launch the Setup.exe file from the ClientInstaller folder located on the server to launch the following installation wizard:

  4. Accept the terms and click the Next button.

  5. Enter User Name, Organization, and Serial Number and click Next. Review the Initial Installation for more details.

  6. Verify that the Microsoft Excel Functions option is enabled by verifying that the install icon is showing by the Microsoft Excel Functions option. Click Next to continue.

  7. Launch MS Excel to verify that the EBMS Add-On has been installed into your Excel program.

  8. Click on the ADD-INS menu of MS Excel 2010 or MS Excel 2013 as shown below to verify that the EBMS add-ins are installed.

It is recommended that a user review the Troubleshooting > Excel Add-in Troubleshooting section for tips to use the EBMS Excel Add-in option properly.