Start Up Window


The Navigator is an optional means of launching common functions from the desktop. Most of the functions on the navigator are duplicated on the drop down menus. Online support, chat options, and online documentation are available at the bottom of this dialog.

Click on the appropriate link to open an existing vendor or customer lists. Some links may be disabled if an optional module is not installed. Review the Features > Optional EBMS Modules section for more details on module options.

Start up Lists

EBMS will save the more recent list window that was open at the time EBMS was shut down. For example, if the user is primarily operating within the Inventory module of EBMS, the user can keep the inventory list open. Each time EBMS is started, the list will be displayed. Select Sales > Customers from the main EBMS menu or select Customers from the navigator window. EBMS allows you to have a number of lists open in the background for convenience as shown below:

Select the Window menu option from the main EBMS menu to view the entire list of open start up windows. Select Window > Cascade to cascade all the lists as shown above.

The EBMS software can be loaded each time with the same user selected lists. Complete the following steps:

  1. Open, position, and size the lists in the manner that you wish to see the lists each time EBMS is opened.

  2. Go to File > System Options and click on the Settings tab as shown below.

  3. Disable the Save Settings on exit option.

  4. Click on the Save Now button to save the list configuration. The configuration of the lists at the time this button is clicked will be used each time EBMS is launched.