Verifone Configuration for other MSPs

The Verifone interface option within EBMS gives the user the ability to choose a variety of merchant accounts using the Verifone payment gateway.  Complete the following steps to configure the Verifone gateway:

  1. Configure the merchant account parameters: Koble Systems has partnered with various credit card merchant service providers to allow your business the opportunity to choose the merchant services provider (MSP) and the payment processing platform. Review Merchant Account Parameters for more details on this option.

  2. EBMS can process credit cards by communicating with the Verifone payment device gateway. Review Setting up Verifone in EBMS for EBMS configuration details for US based payment processing. Review Velox Gateway > Velox Integration for information on Canadian options.

  3. The EBMS software can interface with a Verifone Payment device. Review the following sections for details on configuring this device:

    1. Review Defaulting a Computer to a Point Device to direct a computer to a payment device.

    2. Review Point Device Pairing and Utilities to pair the device to EBMS.

    3. The card verification rules to reject cards that are scanned on a Verifone hardware device can be configured in EBMS. Review AVS/CVV2 Rules and Actions for instructions.

    4. Legacy payware allows the user to configure the Signature Capture Floor to create a threshold sale amount that requires a signature. Review Signature Capture > Floor for details and setup instructions.

    5. Configure the Verifone payment device as a customer facing display at the point-of-sale. Review Configuring the Customer Facing Display on a Point Device to configure this optional but powerful feature.

    6. Review Network Configuration of Verifone Point Device for more instructions to connect multiple EBMS stations to a single Verifone payment device.