Signature Capture Floor

A retailer may wish to set the credit card Signature Floor to enable faster checkout times. This saves time at the point of sale by allowing any transaction below a preset amount to process without requiring a customer signature.

As an example, if a retailer has a floor limit of $30.00, a purchase costing $29.99 (or less) would not need to be authorized by the customer.

Setting a credit card Signature Floor is dependent on the payment card gateway a retailer is using.

Verifone Point - The Signature Floor must be set within the device itself. Contact technical support to configure the Point software within the device.

PAYware Connect - The Signature Floor is set within the EBMS software.

To accomplish this task, complete the following steps:

  1. On the main EBMS menu click Sales > Options.

  2. Select the Payment tab and verify that the Use Verifone Point checkbox is NOT selected.

  3. Select the Devices tab as shown in the screen shot below.

  4. Enter the desired amount in the Signature Floor input field.

  5. Click OK to save.