Gift Card Overview

Gift cards are popular gift items that can also be used as a marketing incentive or as a loyalty program. The gift card option within EBMS allows the user to activate, load, and sell a gift card. The payment or credit from the sale of the gift card is recorded and managed within EBMS but requires a gift card processor to manage the card balance.

The following steps are for US based merchant accounts only.  Review Velox Integration for information on Canadian gift card options.

The following options are required to process gift cards within EBMS:

An inventory item(s) must be created with a Gift Card classification before gift cards can be loaded or redeemed. Review Creating a Gift Card Inventory Code for more details.

Gift cards are activated and the value is loaded from the point of sale dialog within EBMS. Value can be added or subtracted from a gift card after the card is activated. Review Selling or Loading Cards for more details on activating or adding value to a card.

Review Paying Using Gift Cards for more instructions in redeeming a gift card.  

Tools to view gift card balances or to adjust gift card values are also included. Review Viewing Gift Card Balances for more details.

A gift card's value can be increased or decreased at any time. A card can be deactivated or voided. A customer credit can be added to a gift card as well. Review Voiding, Crediting, or Changing the Value of Gift Cards for more details.