Damage Waiver

A common method used to cover equipment damage is to add a damage waiver fee to a rental. This optional fee is added automatically to the invoice when the rental is invoiced. Review the Returning and Invoicing a Rental section for more details on invoicing the rental.

Set Damage Waiver for all Customers

Complete the following steps to set the Damage Waiver for all customers:

  1. Complete the following steps to create a damage waiver service code:

    1. Set the item Classification to Percentage Price for a typical damage waiver percentage fee or use another classification for a flat fee waiver.  Review [Inventory] Product Catalog > Classifications for a complete list of classification options.

    2. Enter a damage waiver Description that will show on the invoice.

    3. Enter the damage waiver's Percentage Price fee.  

    4. Set the Calculate From option to All Above Lines as shown above.

    5. Enter the damage waiver revenue general ledger account.

    6. Disable the Use Price Level G/L Account option.  Review [Inventory] Product Catalog > Using Product Codes for Non-Inventory Items > Percentage Pricing for more instructions.

  2. Go to the Sales > Options > Customer Folders tab to copy the damage waiver percentage pricing code to customers.

  3. Select the group of customers that are charged the same damage waiver fee. Select the root folder Customers to change damage waiver for all customers. and click on Edit Defaults.

  4.  Select the Rentals tab as shown below:

  1. Right-click on the Damage Waiver Item and select Filter Down from the context menu. Complete the Filter Down step. Review the Standard Features > Change Defaults, Filter Down Data, and Globally Change Data section for details on the filter down process including options to filter down to a selected query set.

Change Damage Waiver for a Single Customer

Complete the following steps to change the damage waiver settings for a specific customer:

  1. Open a specific customer by clicking on Sales > Customers and open a customer.

  2. Click on the Rentals tab to view or change the Damage Waiver Item.  Blank the item to remove damage waiver fees for a customer.

  3. The Damage Waiver setting is added to the rental sales invoice.  The sales order can be viewed directly from the billing step. Select Bill Returned Items from the Tools menu of the rental contact or press F8 to create the sales invoice. Rental items must be checked out (Check Out All - F6) and returned (Return All F7) before the contact can be billed.

Review the Returning and Invoicing a Rental section of this documentation for more details.