Automated Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments can be automated by setting the proper terms within the customer or invoice record. This feature requires the following steps:

  1. Set a credit card as a Preferred Credit Card: Enable the Preferred Credit Card option within the customer’s stored credit card record as shown below:  

    This dialog can be accessed by clicking on the Credit Cards button within the Terms tab of the customer record. Review Saving Customer Credit Cards for more details on this setting.

  2. Set the terms within the customer, recurring proposal, or invoice to Customer Preferred Credit Card on File option as shown below:

    Note that this terms option will not show as a Due terms option till step 1 has been completed for the specific customer.   

  3. Review the following sections for more details on debiting a credit card automatically within EBMS using any of these options:  

    1. Set the term settings within the terms tab of an invoice to set the payment for a single document: review Sales Orders > Entering a Sales Order for details.

    2. Set the term within a recurring proposal for a recurring billing event: Review Recurring Billing > Scheduling a Recurring Invoice for details on recurring billings.

    3. Set the term within a customer record for all payments for a customer: This option should be used sparingly since a credit card will be used for payment throughout the EBMS software. Review Customers > Changing Customer Information – Terms for details on changing the customer’s default terms.

Review Direct and Automated Payments for more details on term settings and sales billing processes.