Auto Send Additional Documents

Auto Send is designed to automate the sending of  various EBMS documents using e-mail.  Auto Send also allows the user to attach various other files such as PDF documents, graphics document, and many other file types.   This tool may be useful to attach copies of associated files or of a common file for information or advertising purposes.   

Scenario:  A hard scape supply company quoted a project that included a patio, furniture, and landscape lighting.  The designer included drawings of the patio, photos of the furniture, and a diagram of the lighting plans.  These documents were included in the Document Storage \print folder during the design.  These drawings were included with the proposal when the salesperson sent the quote to the customer using the Email now feature in Auto Send.  These design files were referenced within the quote as proposal appendixes.  

Scenario:  An equipment service company offers a comprehensive service contract for multiple pieces of equipment for the client.  This company includes diagrams of  equipment as well as customer required maintenance requirements within the document storage folder of the proposal.  These informative documents are included with the service contract  invoice as a convenient reference for the customer.  The same files are referenced for the service technician as the copies that are e-mailed with the service contract billing.   

Scenario:  A company prints and mails a copy of each AP invoice recorded within the expense invoice document storage that are being paid during a specific check run.  The Auto Send mode attaches the files to an e-mail, the query identifies the document, and the Auto Send tools e-mails the document directly to the printer's e-mail queue.   This process allows the invoices to be scanned and stored at a remote site, printed along with the AP checks, and included in the mailing of the payment.  

Review the follow setup steps to configure Auto Send to include other stored documents when sending an Auto Send e-mail.  

Enable Additional Documents

Complete the following steps to enable Auto Send to include additional documents.  

  1. Select File > Auto Send Options from the main EBMS menu and click on the Auto Send Modes tab:

  2. Select an auto send mode and click Properties or create a New mode.

  3. Set the Report 1 and other Report Settings to include an EBMS report or form in the E-mail.  The report settings may be kept blank to only e-mail the documents in the associated files located in Document Storage or the Common Folder.  

  4. Configure the Folder Path to identify the additional document(s) location.  Let this option blank for no additional documents.  Click Select to chose between the following source options:

    1. Click Common Folder to identify a common files within a common folder for all reports.   The purpose of this option is to include a common file that is included with all sent documents such as an advertisement or information document.  

    2. Click Document Storage to access the document storage folder associated with the current record.  Review the following section for options available with Document Storage files.

  5. The Attach a copy of the document(s) when auto sending E-mails option MUST be enabled to attach any documents to the E-mail including additional documents.  

Identify Files within Document Storage  

The Document Storage option adds the capability to store specific documents within a customer, vendor, inventory item, task, invoice, quote, and other documents.  These graphic files, design documents, PDF, and a variety of other file formats can be attached to the document being sent by Auto Send.

All the files located within the Document Storage path will be included in the Auto Send process.

The default Folder Path of %Document% will print all documents associated with the selected document such as an invoice, customer, task, or other document identified in the Auto Send mode.  Create a standard subdirectory in all document folders labeled \Print or other use defined subdirectory to limit printing to a specified subset of files.  The Folder Path example shown above only includes files in the %Document%\Print directory.   Note that the \Print subdirectory must be consistent for all included documents generated within this Auto Send mode.  

Review General Setup Instructions for more details on the Send Mode Properties.