Cost Adjustment Types

A landed cost adjustment type must be setup within EBMS before the purchase cost can be adjusted. Review the following adjustment types:

Complete the following steps to setup landed cost adjustment types:

  1. Click on Expenses > Options from the main EBMS menu and click on the Landed Costs tab as shown below:

  2. Enter the most common landed Cost Type ID as shown above.

  3. Enable the Default option to identify the type used within the expense invoice without pre-assigning landed cost adjustments with an item.

  4. Enter a Description of the landed cost type.

  5. Enter the credit G/L account. This general ledger account is used to post the credit transaction of the landed cost adjustment.




    Purchase GL on PO

    Landed Cost G/L

    Amount of cost adjustment

  6. Repeat the steps listed above for any additional Landed Cost Types.

Review Assigning Default Landed Costs to an Item for details on entering adjusting cost entries for specific inventory items.

Review Adjusting Landed Costs within a Purchase Order for instructions on how to enter landed costs.