Manufacturing Batch Status

The manufacturing batch status setting is used to identify the status of the manufacturing process for the current batch. These user defined status settings may define the multiple steps within the manufacturing process.

Status Options

Complete the following steps to create or change the manufacturing batch status list:

  1. Select Inventory > Options from the main EBMS menu and click on the MFG Status tab as shown below:

  2.  Add Status options to the list. Use the Ctl + Insert or Ctl + Delete keys to delete or insert Status options.

  3. Click on the Move Up or Move Down buttons to order the manufacturing Status settings in chronological order of the manufacturing process.  Click OK to save.

Setting a Batch Status

Open a Inventory > Manufacturing batch or the Inventory > Manufacturing Schedule from the EBMS menu to set the Status settings.

Manufacturing batches can be queried by Status Query Settings within the Manufacturing Schedule dialog.

Review Batch Scheduling and MRP > Scheduling a Batch for more details on the Manufacturing Schedule dialog.

Review Edit or Print a Batch for more details on changing batch settings.