EBMS Server Manager Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Utilities

The EBMS Server Manager contains numerous command links in the Left Command Bar column where actions may be initiated. These are used in the setup, administration, and maintenance of the EBMS Server Manager. The Troubleshoot link is the only link that a standard EBMS user would access.  Launch the EBMS Server Manager as shown below:

The following set of tools are available for the user to manage, service or troubleshoot EBMS data sets:

The Services button can be used to start , pause , or restart the EBMS Services, Codebase Server, and all other services used within EBMS.  Utilize the Services Health option to restart specific EBMS services.  WARNING: clicking on these buttons will disconnect any EBMS users.   

Click on the Services health option to show overall memory usage as well as a list of services and each service's memory usage.   The status of individual EBMS services such as the TimeTrack time clock software, mobile scanners and other MyEBMS apps, SQL mirror, and the API gateway services should be listed on the following dialog if they are installed within the EBMS license.   

Click on the restart service button to restart individual services.

The Troubleshoot tools is a common general maintenance tool to evaluate various possible EBMS Server issues.   Note that all users must exit EBMS before this utility can be launched.

The View Logs option will show the logs for individual services:

Select an individual service log to view details.  

The Codebase tool can be used to evaluate the EBMS database engine.   This utility should only be used by technical EBMS administrators.    Evaluating or removing users can be accomplished with this utility.

Additional tools are available from the EBMS Server Manager navigation bar: