Materials List within a Proposal

The materials list function within a proposal allows the user to group materials or detail lines into a single priced materials list. This feature gives the user the ability to enter detailed calculations used to quote a specific project or item without disclosing the details to the customer. Materials list may consist of individual inventory items or may be details within a single proposal group.   


A heading line is used to total a materials list of items. Notice the "Tool Set" line in the example shown above. The unit price of a heading line is derived from the total of all the lines within the materials list. A heading line may include an inventory item that is classified as ‘No Count’ or ‘Service’. A heading line cannot contain any Inventory items classified as ‘Track Count.’ A heading line is created by right-clicking on the proposal line and selecting the Create Materials List option from the context menu.

 Hidden Materials List

A hidden materials list line of a proposal will not show on the printed proposal document. A hidden materials list is useful for informational purposes or to properly process inventory. To create a materials list line, right-click on the header line and select the Create Materials List option. Press the down arrow button from the last line of the materials list to add to the materials list. Review the  Materials List > Using the Materials List for Sales Contracts section for more details on hidden materials lists.

Visible Materials List

A visible materials list will show the quantity and description of the individual materials lines but will not show the Unit or extended Amount on the printed proposal. The prices of all materials lists are totaled on the header line. A visible materials list line is created the same way as the hidden materials list line. Right-click on the materials list line and select the Show on Printed Document option from the context menu to make the materials list visible.


Review the Materials Lists section for more details on Materials Lists in a sales order.