Manually Create Recurring Invoices

An invoice can be created using the Process > Create Recurring Bill from the proposal menu instead of the standard Recurring Billing process. This manual method is useful to create a recurring invoice ahead of the scheduled date, if an invoice is modified, or any other adjustment that needs to be made manually instead of relying on the reoccurring process. Complete the following steps to create a recurring invoice manually:

  1. Open a recurring billing proposal by selecting Sales > Proposals from the main EBMS menu or by selecting a proposal from the Sales > Recurring Billing dialog.

  2. Launch the process by selecting Process > Create Recurring Bill option from the proposal menu or by clicking on the Create Recurring Bill button as shown below:

    Notice the date matches the Next Bill Date within the proposal’s Recurring Billing tab rather than defaulting to the current date. The detail line description is copied from the proposal with the recurring billing date range appended to the description as indicated by the Add Bill Dates to Invoice setting. The Last Bill Date and Next Bill Date settings are updated when this manual process is launched.

  3. Save or process the sales order using one of the following options:

    1. Save the sales order and process later using the Batch Processing option. Review the Invoices > Batch Processing section for details on processing invoices as a batch. 

    2. Process the sales order into an invoice by using the standard menu options.  Note:  The proposals Recurring Billing > Last Bill Date must be corrected if the sales order is deleted or dates are altered. 

  4. This process can be repeated for other recurring billing proposals.  Using the batch processes described in Recurring Billing Process is the recommended method to process multiple proposals.