Connecting directly to UPS WorldShip rate tables

EBMS contains an optional UPS WorldShip interface to calculate shipping rates directly from the UPS rate table, communicate customer information and desired shipping method from EBMS to Worldship. The freight cost can be determined by adding a markup to the standard UPS rates and also adding a flat handling charge. The destination based UPS rates can be used to calculate FedEx rates with a FedEx label since EBMS does not contain the means to connect to the FedEx rate table.   

Complete the following steps to create UPS shipping methods:

  1. Go to Sales > Options > General tab as shown below:

  2. Create a Shipping Method for each UPS service type by selecting New. The follow dialog will appear:

  1. Click on the Preferences option to open the follow dialog:

  2. The Use Web to Calculate UPS option will connect to UPS's website to get rates and details on the sales invoice.

  3. The Shipping Markup (%) option adds markup to the UPS Calculated Shipping Cost. Review the Calculating and Comparing Freight Charges section for more details.

  4. The Handling Fee adds a handling fee in addition to the UPS Calculated Cost.

  5. The Default Notification E-mail from Customer Info option sends the customer an email note through UPS. This option is automatically selected.

  6. The Service Type allows the user to select the preferred  type.

  7. The Suppress options popup when entering shipping method option allows the user to suppress the options popup on the invoice.

  8. The Default to Residential option defaults the ups switch for residential vs. commercial delivery shipment.

  9. To edit an existing Shipping Method select the Properties button:

Contact an EBMS representative for more details concerning the UPS / FedEx shipping module option.

This optional EBMS module is not included on all versions of the EBMS software. Review the Optional Features > Optional EBMS Modules within the main manual for specific instructions used to identify or add optional modules.