Sync Finished Goods Quantities with Items Consumed

The powerful Sync MFG/Consumed option option within the EBMS manufacturing batch syncrolize data.  Enable this option to sync the following quantities:

  1. Calculate Items Consumed quanties from the Manufacturing quantity of Finished Goods

  2. Calculate the Manufactured quantity based on the Consumed quantity of Items Consumed

This option is used within discreate manufacturing batches with product that contain bill of materials (BOM)s.  Review Creating a Batch > Using Inventory Components for Manufacturing for BOM setup instructions. 

Enable the Sync MFG/Consumed option within a single batch

Complete the following steps to enable the Sync MFG/Consumed option within a single new batch or within an existing batch.  Continue with the next section to set this option for all future manufacturing batches.

  1. Open a manufacturing batch: 

  2. Enable the Sync MFG/Consumed option to the right side of the Finished Goods line.

  3. Verify that the Consumed HxM column in the Items Consumed list is visible as shown in the example above. The column will equal the Manufactured quantity in the Finished Goods list times the Quantity in the Items Consumed list.  

  4. Repeat for each additional Finished Goods line.  

Continue with the following steps to set these options for all new manufacturing batches.  

Review Processing a Batch > Manully Calcualting Items Consumed to manually calculate consumed quantities.  

Default Sync MFG/Consumed Option for all Batches

Many manufacturing companies want this option enabled for all manufacturing batch.  

Enable the Default Manufacturing Quantity to synchronize with the Consumed Quantity option.

This option is found by selecting Inventory > Options > Manufacturing tab from the main EBMS menu.