Scanning Serial Numbers

Many serial numbers include a barcode that contains the serial number or VIN.  Product labels that contain the serial number barcode can be printed from EBMS to facilitate the following functions.   

Scanning Serial Number Barcodes

Serial numbers can be selected within EBMS by scanning a serial number, internal stock number, or VIN number barcode.  The following processes can be accomplished using the EBMS scanning modes:

The $R prefix is used to populate the Serial Number within various documents.   Use the document prefix listed above to open a document.  Review Barcodes > Purchasing a Barcode Scanner for programming details.

A serialized item with the Use the price and description from item in the sales invoice option enabled will ignore the Sales > Options > Invoices and S.O.s tab combine line option setting.  Review Selling an Item > Pricing Serialized Items to set this option within individual serialized product items

Processes that are not scanner enabled using the EBMS scanner mode

Printing Serial Number Barcodes

Serial number barcodes can be printed from EBMS to a label.   Complete the following steps to print barcode labels:

  1. Open the purchase order that contains the purchase of the serialized item as shown below:

  2. Print the Inventory Labels from Invoice label form from the File > Print menu as shown above.   Review the Labels from a Purchase Order section of Barcodes > Printing Barcodes to setup this label form option within the PO's print menu to open the following print dialog:

  3. Set the following label form prompt options as shown above:

    1. Enable the Print Barcode option

    2. Disable Print UPC in Barcode

    3. Disable Include UOM in Barcode

  4. Click Print to print serial number label to label printer.

Review Barcodes > Overview for more barcode details.