Processing a Batch

Inventory general ledger transactions are not created until a batch is processed. The only inventory counts affected by batch entry before the process are the Manufacturing fields located in the Inventory > Product Catalog > Count tab as seen below:

These manufacturing fields are affected in a similar manner as the S.O. and P.O. values contained in the Count tab. A batch can be changed or deleted as long as the batch is not processed.

A batch is processed within the manufacturing window as shown below:

A batch should not be processed until the manufacturing process is completed. Select Process > Process from the manufacturing window menu to process a batch. An alternate way of processing is by hitting the CTL + P keys on the keyboard.

The process step affects the following information.

General Ledger Account of Finished Good items   Debit / Credit

General Ledger Account of Items Consumed    Debit / Credit

Track Count Items

No Count and Service Items

No Inventory Item

All General Ledger Accounts are found in the Advanced tab of the Inventory Item.

The general ledger transactions must be posted from the inventory module before the general ledger account balances or the inventory history year pages are updated.

This optional EBMS module is not included on all versions of the EBMS software. Review [Main] Features > Optional Features > Optional EBMS modules for specific instructions used to identify or add optional modules.