Option and Kit Pricing

Option and Kit Pricing allows the user to adjust the price based on the optional components that are selected. This flexible pricing module can be used within EBMS in the following processes:

An inventory item with optional components can be priced using one of the following three methods. Two options have variable pricing and the 3rd is fixed pricing.

  1. Total base price of components

  2. Total cost of components

  3. Fixed Price of Kit

Total Base Price of Components

The price is determined by the total of the base price of each selected component:  The base price for each selected component is totaled and copied to the Base Price entry within the Pricing tab of the assembly as shown below:

Select the From Component Base Prices option from the Markup/Margin option list. The Base Price will total the base prices of each default component listed in the Component tab. The prices will change if an optional component is selected that contains a base price that is not equal to the base price of the default item.
The pricing may be rounded as shown in the example above. The Retail price does not equal exactly to the Base Price since the retail price is being changed by the rounding algorithm. Review the Pricing > Rounding Calculated Prices section for more details on rounding options.
This option should always be used for Configure-To-Order (CTO) items. Review the Configure-To-Order Overview section for more details on configuring CTO items.

Total Cost of Components

The price is determined by the total cost of all the components selected:  The total cost of all the components listed in the Component tab is copied to the Cost entry within the Pricing tab. The cost total includes the cost of the default optional component. The Markup/Margin option should be set appropriately so the Base Price is derived from the Cost value as shown below:

The assembly price will vary based on the cost of the optional component selected at the time of the sale. In the example above, the retail price will equal 40% above the cost of all the selected components.
The Assembly Kit option must be enabled within the Components tab for this option to function properly.

Fixed Price of Kit

The assembly price is fixed and is not affected by the options selected within the item. This is the standard pricing used for items without optional components.  This option should be used to fix the price no matter what options are selected from the components tab. To accomplish a fixed place, go to Inventory > Product Catalog > Pricing and set the Markup/Margin option to (None) as shown below:

The Base Price value should be set to the desired price. It must be manually changed since the Base Price is not automatically calculated from any other value.

Review the Pricing > Inventory Pricing Overview section for more details on pricing formulas and configuration.