Classifying a Serialized item

An inventory item must be created and classified as a Serialized Item before serial numbers can be entered or processed. The inventory item identifies the line of products that is being serialized. The purchase and sales history will be summarized at the inventory item level. For example, an inventory item must be created for the air conditioner or lawn mower based on the make and model of the unit. The serial number identifies each individual item. If an inventory item is classified as a serialized item, a serial number must be entered for each item purchased or manufactured. The three following serialized item classifications can be used based on the needs of the user:

Review the Product Catalog > Changing and Item Classification for instructions to change an existing item  to a serialized item Classification.  

Create New Serialized Item

Take the following steps to create and classify a new inventory item:

  1. Launch the new inventory item wizard. Review the Product Catalog > Entering New Products section for more details on the new inventory item wizard.

  2. Enter the product description in the first page of the new item wizard and click the next button.

  3. Select the Serialized item option from the Classification options as shown below:

    Inventory that is classified as Serialized Items will generate the same general transactions as an item classified as Track Count. Review the Non-Inventory Serialized Item section for information on serialized items that do not generate perpetual inventory general ledger transactions.

  4. Complete the new item wizard as described in the Product Catalog > Entering New Products section.

Classify an Existing Item as Serialized

Complete the following steps to classify an existing inventory item as a serialized item: The Count value within the Count tab must be zero to change the classification of an inventory item. Review the Tracking Counts > Adjusting Inventory Count and Values section for more details on adjusting counts.

  1. Open the inventory item and click on the General tab as shown below:

  2. Click on the Change button to the right of the Classification field to open the Change Inventory Classification dialog.

  3. Select the Serialized Items classification and click the OK button.