Changing Pricing within a Group of Items

Global price changes are done using the filter down utility within the EBMS inventory system. Formulas within the Pricing tab of inventory items can be changed as a group. This group can be limited to a specific folder group or can include all the items within the inventory system. Complete the following steps to change the pricing for a group of items within a group:

  1. Select Inventory > Options from the main EBMS menu and click on the Inventory Folders tab as shown below:

  2. Highlight the root folder group that contain the items that require a price change. For Example, in the example above, highlight the root folder Inventory to change all the inventory items within the system, highlight the Auto Accessories folder to change only the auto accessories items within the system, highlight the Air Filter group to change the pricing for only the air filters, or highlight a manufacturer such as ACCEL to change only the pricing formulas for items in the ACCEL folder.  

  3. Click on the Edit Defaults button.

  4. Select the Pricing tab as shown below.

  5. Select the desired Formula for a specific Price level. For example, if the root inventory folder was selected in step 2, complete the following steps to set the Jobber price level for all inventory items as Equal to as shown above.

  6. Set the formula to the desired option - Equal to in the example above.

  7. Right-click on the Jobber price level line and select Filter Down Formula from the context menu as shown below:

  8. The following dialog will appear with Filter Down options:

    1. Select the All manufacturer option to change all items.

    2. Enable the first check mark option to change the formulas within existing inventory items. Only the folder defaults will be affected by the new formula if this option is disabled.\

    3. Enable the 2nd option - Change the price formula for all unit of measures - to change the formula for all units of measure. This option has no effect if there are no secondary Unit of measure settings within the Pricing tab. Review the Tracking Counts > Unit of Measure for more details on unit of measure.

    4. The last option should be enabled to change the formula for all sub-folders. For example, if the root folder of Inventory is selected, all the folders within the root folder including all sub-folders will be changed by this filter down function. If this option is disabled, only the items within the selected folder will be affected by the filter down.

    5. Click the OK button and the following dialog will open:

    6. Warning:  This filter down utility can change a large amount of data. This process cannot be aborted or the information reversed. Click Yes to complete the filter down process.

  9. Repeat steps 6 - 10 for all other unit of measure price levels if the inventory items contain multiple units of measure.

All products made by the same manufacturer

Price margin Formulas often vary based on the manufacturer of the product. If all the products from a certain manufacturer are located within the same folder, follow steps 1 - 11 in the previous section. Complete the following steps if the manufacturer's products are scattered within multiple product groups or folders.

  1. Select the folder that contains all the items from a specific manufacturer. For example, if multiple product groups within the Automotive folder contain items from a common manufacturer, select the Automotive folder as shown below:

  2. Click on the Edit Defaults button and select the Pricing tab.

  3. Set the formula for the items for the specific vendor and set the margin values as shown below:

  4. After the formula and percentage is set for a single price level, right-click on the Price Level line that was changed and select Filter Down Formula to open the following dialog:  

  5. Select the Specific Manufacturer option and then enter the specific Manufacturer ID code.  

  6. Enable the first check mark option and disable the 2nd option unless all the different unit of measure markup formulas are equal.

  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each Price Level.   

Review the Features > Change Defaults, Filter Down Data and Globally Change Data section of the main EBMS manual for more details on filtering down information.