Changing IDs or Merging Products

Changing the Product identification code within EBMS takes a few quick steps.   The change ID process will maintain the history of the item.  The Product ID can be changed using one of the following processes:

Two product items can be merged into a single item without losing any history.   This process is ideal if an inventory item was added to the catalog for the same part number.   Merging items is preferred rather than making one of the items inactive since merging consolidates the history of both items.    The merge process can be completed using either of the following processes:

 Batch Change/Merge Product IDs

A entire list of product IDs can be changed using a batch process within EBMS.   This utility uses a spreadsheet list of the old IDs and the new IDs and changes them as a batch.  

Complete the following steps to batch change and/or merge product IDs:

  1. Create a parallel lists of product IDs within a spreadsheet or CSV file:  Create one list with the current product id and a parallel list with the new IDs.  

    This spreadsheet or CSV file can be created manually or exported from EBMS.  Export data from EBMS if the new ID is compiled using MFG codes or part numbers.  Review [Main] Features > Exporting to CSV Files for more exporting details and options.

  2. Populate the New ID column with one of the following inventory IDs:   Create a new column if the column does not exist.

    1. A new product ID which prompts a change ID process.  This process will replace the old id with the new id.   All history will be maintained with the new id code.

    2. An existing product ID which prompts the merge process.  This process will merge the old id history with the new or existing id.   The old id information will be deleted but all history will be changed to the new id.   Warning:  This process can not be reversed.  

  3. Make a copy of the EBMS data before continuing if information is being merged.

  4. Map the ID columns using the File > Utilities > Text Import/Export Mappings utility as shown below:

    1. Enter a Description to identify the change Id process.

    2. Set the spreadsheet or CSV file as the Text File

    3. Click on the From Text File button to generate mapping.   The system should map both the original Id and the new Id properly without additional configuration.  The other columns do not need to be mapped.  Review [Main] Utilities > Text Data Import and Export Utility > Overview for more details on this mapping utility.

    4. Click OK to save the mapping.   Do not use the Update Data, Replace Data, or Create Data buttons.  

  5. Select Inventory > Utilities > Change/Merge IDs from the main EBMS menu.

  6. Select the Mapping description file created in the previous step.

  7. Select the Old ID Field setting that identifies the original ID.

  8. Select the New ID Field that identifies the column that contains the new Id or the merge Id.

  9. Disable the Perform a merge if new ID already exists only if no items should be merged.  Enabling this option will merge any item that already exists within the New ID Field column.  Warning:  A merge can not be reversed.  

  10. Click OK to complete process

Review Pricing > Export & Import to Change Inventory including Pricing for instructions to change other inventory information.