Chart of Account Folders

EBMS has folders for each different type of account. The default folders are Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, Cost of Sales, Expenses, and Miscellaneous. Some of these folders have subfolders under them. Assets and Liabilities have both Short term and Long term subfolders. Cost of Sales has Purchases, Inventory Variance, and Other Cost of Sales. Expenses has numerous folders under it for items such as maintenance, taxes, wages, etc. Miscellaneous has folders for both Miscellaneous Income and Miscellaneous Expense. Folders can be added, changed, and deleted as needed by your company.

Editing or Viewing Folders

These folders and subfolders can be edited or viewed by going to the Financials > Options > General Ledger Folders tab. The following window will appear:

The Properties button will open the following window: 

Click the Properties Button to edit the General Ledger Folder properties.

Click OK to save or Cancel to abort changes.

Review [Main] Features > Folder Groups for more details on the A dd Folder and D elete Folder buttons and folder management.

It is recommended that you set up the defaults in the chart of accounts window by clicking on the E dit Defaults button. Most of the fields in the General tab cannot be changed but it is recommended that you review the following defaults in the Advanced tab.

Properly creating folders is an excellent method to create safeguards within the general ledger system. The user is prompted numerous places throughout the different modules in EBMS to specify a certain class of general ledger account. When the general ledger is configured correctly, only accounts of the proper type will be accepted. If a liability account has been specified, a liability account must be used in that setting. A user cannot put an equity account in place of a liability account or vice versa. Please note that you must have passwords properly established to allow or disallow people into the area where these changes can be made.