Changing Job Information

General Job Information may be changed at any time after a new job has been created. Additional information such as Job Notes, Budgets, Stage Detail, Site and Architect Information may be added in this window. The main job window is also useful to view job history, process progressive billings, create budgets, and enter change orders.

Go to Job Costing > Jobs, select an existing job and the following window will open:

The job ID code is a unique code that is entered at the time the job is created. Right clicking on the job ID field and selecting the Change Id option can change this code. The Change Id selection will start a possible lengthy process of changing the job Id through out the job history.

Clicking on the down arrow button to the right of the current folder name and selecting a new folder can change the job Folder.

General Tab

Example: If a job is part of multiple groups, list all the types in the Type field and separate them with a space or comma. Grouping jobs only by using folders is limited since a job can only appear in a single folder. By entering a group of keywords or types, the user can query the jobs by any type or combination of types.

Site Tab