Account History Tabs

The EBMS contains multiple account records such as customers, vendors, workers, products, etc. These account records contain a substantial amount of information that is organized using tabs. The following example is a customer account with multiple tabs across the top. The first tab on the left is often labeled General with history year tabs on the right side as shown below:

Click on any tab to open access the various information within each tab. Note that individual tabs can be defaulted to a specific tab when the record is opened, or the last tab can be set to open. Complete the following steps to change the default tab setting:

  1. Open the tab you wish to open each time the account is opened.

  2. Right click on the tab label as shown below:

  3. Select the Open to this tab option to always open the open tab each time any customer is opened. Select the Open to the last opened tab option to open the last tab that was opened for the customer.   

These default tab settings are set per computer and per account type.

Review the following links for specific information within each tab: