Do you need a software solution to automatically file your sales tax returns on your behalf?   AutoFile may be the solution you need.

AutoFile is the name of TaxJar’s electronic filing service for state tax. TaxJar will use the information from EBMS to prepare and submit returns to the state, along with payments if the company enrolls in the optional service.   TaxJar can AutoFile tax returns for every U.S. state.  Use AutoFile as your fully automated solution to spend less valuable time filing and forget about due dates and late penalties.

Manual file Taxes Rather than using AutoFile

Yes, you always have the option to choose to file on your own rather than use AutoFile. TaxJar will create a “return-ready” report for each state registered on the TaxJar website, so it often only takes minutes to complete state returns by filling in the blanks on the appropriate state's filing website.

Complete the following steps to file manually:

  1. Load the TaxJar dashboard with current tax information.   Review Upload Data for Reporting and Filing for details.  

  2. Click Steps to File Manually to file individual tax returns on the state’s e-file website.

AutoFile Cost

AutoFile is a separate charge and varies depending on your plan type and volume.  New to AutoFile? Your First AutoFile is always FREE!  Review more pricing information at

AutoFile Requirements

Complete the following steps to use the AutoFile service:

  1. Launch the TaxJar website service and log into the TaxJar tax account.

  2. Click on the Dashboard page and enroll for the AutoFile service for individual states.   

  3. After you file your return, make sure you record the payment in your TaxJar account. This will “lock” the data in your Report and also update your Dashboard to display the next filing due date.