Advanced Options



The Rad Editing Tools found in the Website Administrator can be used to insert snippets. Code snippets are used to create slideshows, photo galleries, and dynamic store navigation. Complete the following steps to insert snippets:

  1. Open the Rad Editor Tools. Review the Editing Page Information section for more information on Rad editor Tools.

  2. Click on the Insert Snippet drop down

  3. Click on a snippet in the dropdown

  4. Click the View Page button to preview your snippet

Add EBMS Product to a Static Page

A folder of items can be listed on a static page by including the following code snippet in the html of the static page:

<ebmsfoldercontentlist folderid="39" contentcount="6" template showFolders="false" showItems="true"></ebmsfoldercontentlist>

Change the following code snippet settings to include the correct items, number of items, and display of items:



Change Email Form Settings

The editor allows the user to add or change form settings on a page.

  1. Select Manage Content in the admin

  2. Select a page with the pages folder

  3. 'From' Address is the email address the website will send the email from

  4. 'To' Address is the email address the website will send the email to

  5. Subject will appear on the email sent from that specified website page

  6. After submit of the form on the website, the website customer will be taken to the page specified in Success Redirect Page

  7. Select Save to make the changes.