Adding a New Page

New static pages are created using the Website Administrator. Review the Advanced Features > Site Administration Overview section for more details on logging into to the website account. Complete the following steps to create a new static page:  

  1. Select Manage Content from the left menu and select Pages from the root folder.

  2. Enter a name for the new page.

  3. Click the Create Page button.

  4. Locate the new page in the Pages folder.

  5. Select the page to edit and add content. Review the Editing Page Information section for more details on editing page information.


Using a Template

Page templates can be setup using the Templates Manager in the Rad Editor tools.

  1. In a new blank page, select the Template Manager icon.

  2. Select an existing template or upload a new template

  3. Click the Insert button.

  4. Replace the generic elements of the page.

  5. Select the Save button when finished.

Review the Editing Static Pages > Editing Page Information to learn more about changing content on a static page