Viewing Pay Period Information

To view pay period information from any past pay period, including information from past years, go to Labor > Pay Periods and the following window will appear:

The pay periods are grouped by a calendar year. Click on the year tab you wish to view. The Pay Period ending date and the Pay Date are listed as well as the status of the pay period and the number of timecards entered within each period. If the payroll period has been closed, a check mark will appear in the Closed column.

Click Close Window to exit the pay period window.

Financial Transactions for the Pay Period

All the financial transactions that were created by a single pay period can be listed on a report by completing the following steps:

Select Reports > Labor > G/L Transactions > Payroll Transaction Details report from the main File > Reports menu.

Select the Pay Period Date Selection and enter the pay period dates into the Beginning Date and End Date settings.