User Login

The MyTime login uses the same login credentials as EBMS.  The login user name, passwords, and security is set by selecting File > User Management from the main EBMS menu.  MyTime access is dependent on the Labor module security.  Review [Main] Security > Creating Users and Assigning Rights for user access setup for MyTime.

Mytime can be configured for the following login modes:

  1. Personal mode for a single user:  This mode is designed for a MyTime device that is used my a single person throughout the work day.

  2. Kiosk mode for multiple users:  This mode is designed for a MyTime device that is used by multiple people throughout the day.  This mode requires a user login each time the user clocks into a task or work code.  

Complete the following steps to login a user into MyTime using either the personal or kiosk login mode:

  1. Launch the MyTime app within the Windows tablet, phone, or computer and log in as shown below.

  2. Enable the Keep me logged in option to operate in personal mode rather than kiosk (multiple user) mode.  Disabling this option puts Mytime in personal mode.

  3. Enter the user's PIN as entered in the Workers > App Settings tab and tap on the log in button .  Review Setup > Setup MyTime for PIN details.

  4. MyTime will return to the login dialog as soon as the user logs into a task or work code if MyTime is set to kiosk mode (Keep me logged in is off).

Logging In using a Barcode

Complete the following steps to log into MyTime by scanning a barcode:

  1. Print worker labels to use to log into MyTime by selecting Reports > Workers > Employee Card with Barcode from the main EBMS menu as shown below:
  2. Enable Employee Pin vs. Employee ID in Barcode to print labels on cards.  The Pin number found within Worker > App Settings tab on each worker's record.

  3. Print cards on card stock to generate employee barcode pin cards.   Note that the barcodes do not require an prefix.  

  4. Scan the cards using an EBMS enabled scanner.  Review [Inventory] Barcodes > Programming Scanners and Barcodes for scanner programming instructions.