Processing Workweeks

Workweeks are defined within the EBMS Payroll system as the number of weeks that an employee earns the minimum gross wage or greater. Workweeks are calculated within payroll for unemployment tax purposes and are incremented every week the gross pay is equal or greater than the Credit Workweek Amount found in the Labor > Workers > Advanced tab. Check with your accountant or an EBMS consultant to maintain the Credit Workweek Amount.

Workweeks are calculated within a timecard at the same time taxes are calculated. The total gross wages must be greater than the Credit Workweek Amount each week. For a full time employee on a BI-weekly payroll the average credit workweeks would be two per timecard.

Workweek totals are accumulated within the employee history year tabs within the employee window. Go to Labor > Workers > [Year] tab and the following window will open:

Drill down on workweek totals by right clicking on total and selecting Drill Down on context menu. A detailed list displaying the source of all the workweeks for the given month will be shown.