E-mails from MyTime tablets

MyTime facilitates an efficient way to communicate questions, files, or other comments from MyTime to the manager or dispatcher using EBMS.  The e-mail client or other communications device   The email communication app in the field must integrate with the MyTime app using the Windows Share communication.   Note that some version of MS Outlook does not communicate with MyTime using the Windows Share interface.   

Complete the following steps to setup communication between the MyTime user and the manager or other EBMS user:

  1. Open a MyTime task within MyTime as shown below.   Review Tracking Labor and Completing Tasks for details on opening a task in MyTime.
  2. Tap the share icon to select the desired Windows Share app.
  3. Select Mail or some other communications device.    Note that many MS Outlook clients do not interface with MyTime using the Windows Share interface.   Contac t your IT staff for assistance in installing MS Mail or other compatible communications app.  
  4. MyTime will create a mail message with the worker ID and task description on the memo line with a task hyperlink (blue link shown above) and task notes on the body of the e-mail.   The user can attach a file to the e-mail.
  5. Populate the target e-mail recipient and send to the EBMS user.   Note that the user can click on the blue hyperlink with the EBMS software open and the referenced task will open.