A company logo should be inserted into EBMS to be printed or displayed on many of the reports contained within EBMS. Review the specifications shown on the Logo tab since the size and format of the graphics may affect print speed.  Complete the following steps to add a logo to EBMS:

  1. Go to File > Company Information > Logo tab.
  2. Click on the Choose Logo button to locate and select the proper graphics file. The familiar MS Windows open dialog will appear which allows you to select the proper graphics file on your drive. Use the following guidelines if you are creating your own company logo:

    1. PNG files are recommended for a quality logo.  JPG files can be used but the quality of a JPG files for logos may not be satisfactory.  
    2. The image should be in the following proportion to prevent the image from being stretched or skewed within EBMS:

      1. 168 pixels wide x 96 pixels high

      2. 1.75 inches wide x 1 inch high

    3. The image is normally printed or displayed in the size shown above. To increase the quality of the print, double the size of the image (336 x 192)

    4. The file size should be less than 50kb. Larger files will slow down the printing process.