Company Information

The EBMS software can accommodate multiple sets of company data. Multiple sets of company data must be located on a common server to meet licensing requirements. Some versions of EBMS will restrict the number of companies that can be managed by EBMS.  Each set of company data needs standard information to function properly. Complete the company information settings before using the EBMS software.

To enter company General information:

General tab

  1. Go to File > Company Information > General tab:

  2. Enter Company Name and Address information in the appropriate fields. Review the Sales Tax > Multiple Locations section for information on how this address may affect sales tax rates.

  3. Enter the contact information for the company as desired. Click on the arrow button to the right of the contact entry field and display the list of available contact labels to change the entry labels. Select the appropriate label and then enter the information into the entry field. See an EBMS consultant to add additional labels and templates.
    Utilize the Note area to record miscellaneous information. The amount of information that the note area allows is unlimited and will scroll if the information does not show in the visible part of the note.

Advanced tab

The settings within the Advanced tab of the Company Information tab contain important employer and company information.  Many of these settings are required before payroll can be properly processed.

Review the Payroll documentation for more details on the payroll settings.

The Data Path identifies the location of the data. Review the Initial Installation section for more details on data location options.