Setting the Parent Security within an Entry Dialog

A user can be barred from a specific EBMS table or file by setting the security within the main entry dialog as shown below.  In this example the employee entry dialog security setting sets the security for the worker table (PYEMP).

Complete the following steps to change the window's parent security:

  1. Open a window such as the employee window as shown below:

  2. Click the icon located on the upper left corner of the window to open the window's context menu as shown above.

  3. Click on the Set Security option to open the following dialog:

    The security dialog is the parent security setting for the employee file (PYEMP.DBF). Notice the file name on the title bar of the dialog. The parent security settings do not include any Check Parent options found on other tab, field, and button security dialogs because the other dialogs refer to the settings within the parent. The parent security setting affects all the information within the file (Employee file - PYEMP.DBF in the example shown above) and affects the user's access to this data no matter how the user accesses the data. The security settings set within the window security dialog may affect the data within other windows. The most effective method to bar a user from all the data within a file is to change the root folder settings. Review the module's tab instructions within the Creating Users and Assigning Rights section of this manual for details on baring users from an entire module.

  4. Set the Access security level for each User Level. This restricts the user within the current screen to the Access level that is set for his user level defined in File > User Management.  The User Level options are:

    1. No Access:  Prohibits the user from opening the selected window.

    2. Read only:  Allows the user to open the window but restricts them from changing any information.

    3. Full Access:  Gives user full access to information within the window. Note that the user may be restricted from some data entry fields or tabs based on other security settings or program restrictions.

    4. Evaluate Expression:  Review Advanced Security Settings to customize the security setting based on content.  

The security setting will also be used within the field, button, or tab setting whenever the Check Parent setting is used. Review the Setting Security for an Entry Field, Button, or Process section for more information on the Check Parent setting.