Creating Company Groups in EBMS Server Manager

'Company groups' may be used to limit the companies that are shown in the Login dialog when a user logs into EBMS. Using company groups is not required and may be enabled at the discretion of the EBMS Administrator.

Example Scenario: A company owner has separate companies set up to aid in separating the accounting and expenses for business and personal accounting. The administrator may wish to limit the Login dialog on an employee's computer to show only the business company(s).  

To add, edit, or remove the 'company group' of an EBMS company:

To enable only companies with a specific 'Group Name' to show in the EBMS login:

To disable a company 'group' from showing in the Login and return to showing all other selected companies:

Listing only the name of the server will exclude all company groups. If you wish to include both, do so by listing MyServer,MyGroup@MyServer where the group is separated by a comma. Choose Advanced Server Configuration for more instructions.