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ESPAM Mail Protection
  • ESpam Mail Protection is a proven, highly effective and reliable hosted anti-spam, anti-virus and email continuity solution. It is designed to help organizations combat the increasing burden of junk email and the risks of downtime for a critical communications tool.

    Featuring tremendous scalability, rapid deployment and seamless integration with virtually any existing messaging infrastructure, ESpam Mail Protection is also extremely simple to use - freeing time for both administrators and email users.

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    • Effective
      In a fraction of a second, ESpam MailProtection scans incoming messages using numerous technologies to detect spam - message signature analysis; authenticity checks; an extensive heuristic rule set; continually evolving databases of URLs, network addresses, mail servers, and other identifying elements known to be used in phishing attacks and in unsolicited bulk email; real-time message source analysis; and customizable domain-specific and user-specific whitelists and blacklists. The result is a dramatic reduction in junk email - typically upwards of 98% - relieving a significant burden for email users and system administrators.
    • Easy-to-Use
      With ESpam MailProtection's managed services, customers do not have to install or manage any hardware or software, saving time and hassle for network administrators. End users benefit from a system that requires little or no maintenance and that offers innovative features including 'one-click whitelisting' and optional daily message digests.
    • Seamless Integration
      ESpam MailProtection's innovative, perimeter-based approach to curtailing viruses and spam means that it can work seamlessly with any email systems in use, offering end users a single sign-on and providing companies the opportunity to reinforce existing branding.
    • Flexible
      ESpam MailProtection provides substantial flexibility for handling of detected spam messages, including the ability to block spam and viruses before they enter the organization's network. ESpam MailProtection easily handles an organization's multiple domains, alias email addresses, and desired policies for spam handling - all via a web-based management mechanism that is simple, straightforward and efficient. ESpam MailProtection's high level of flexibility allows companies to minimize or eliminate the need for intervention by end-users and system administrators.
    • Reliable Infrastructure
      ESpam MailProtection is highly reliable, stable, and scalable to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Featuring fully redundant, geographically distributed data centers, ESpam MailProtection's systems benefit from multi-homed Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to multiple backbone providers; redundant power provided by diverse sources; continuously online UPS systems and emergency diesel generators at each facility; and a fully redundant purpose-built software architecture proven through processing of billions of messages. ESpam MailProtection's extremely reliable and secure infrastructure delivers, every time.
    • Virus Defense
      In addition to its anti-spam capabilities, ESpam MailProtection protects customers against email-borne viruses, incorporating zero-hour anti-virus technology that can detect early-stage virus outbreaks before they can be detected by traditional signature-based anti-virus engines. All inbound email and attachments are scanned by ESpam MailProtection so viruses can be blocked before they reach the customer's network. For companies with an existing anti-virus solution, ESpam MailProtection adds another layer of defense for the organization.

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