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Website Design

Deliver an experience that people love.

  • The design and style of your site is very important. Web design is an art and your website should tell a story. You only have a few seconds to leave a first impression and tell your customers what you are about. The design and style of your website should match your existing business brand and tell your story. Whether a professional service company or a small country store, Eagle Business Software can design and develop a website for your company.

  • CreativeCreative Visual Design

    Attention to detail, color, typography, and layout can go a long way and, contrary to what some people may have told you, you do not need a lot of bells and whistles to entertain your visitors. A well designed, professional website is often the most effective. Our professional designers will use color coordination, eye patterns, graphics, and professional layout to design your website.

  • Responsive DesignResponsive Design

    Responsive design is without a doubt one of the top concerns for today: with an ever increasing variety of devices on the market and a constantly evolving web, responsive design is a necessity.  Our sites can be developed to respond to any size screen including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • UserUser Friendly Navigation

    The navigation is an important part of your website. Your website will include consistent navigation on each page of your website so that your customers and website users know exactly how to get to the information they need. Strange pop-ups, excessive scrolling, confusing layouts, and redirects will be kept to a minimum.

  • SpeedSpeed & Load Time

    Website load time is very important. The average web browser is very impatient and will only wait a few seconds for a website to appear. When it comes to building traffic and keeping visitors on your page, load time plays a primary role. We ensure that all your pages load in optimal time.

  • ContentInformative & Convincing Content

    The content and persuasion of your website is important. Each page of your website should persuade the customer why they should buy from you above the competition. This is done by accurately describing and highlighting specific parts of your company to target a specific group of people. Using correct terms, titles, words, and photos throughout your website is important. 

  • MaintainMaintainance

    After the design and initial build of your website it is very important to update your website and keep it current. Not only will search engines give you a higher placing but customers will also notice that you are currently doing business and actively maintain and update your services/products. We work with you to determine the best method to make changes and updates.

    • Website HostingThe Plan of Action

      Our goal is to make the website process as smooth and efficient as possible. Communication is key to combining your business's needs and tasks with our professional expertise. We will do our best to direct you through the often unfamiliar process of creating a website.

      1. Initial Meeting
        We will schedule a meeting with your company. In the meeting we will discuss ideas, concepts, styles, features, and budget. The main purpose of the meeting is to become familiar with your company and its needs. Any information that you have, such as brochures, advertising, pictures, business cards, existing website, etc, can be brought to this meeting.We will also discuss the domain name, purpose of the website, and target audience.
      2. Review & Approve Quote
        Once we've had our initial meeting, we will put together a quote and send it to you. After the quote is signed and approved, we will schedule the project.
      3. Gather Data
        We will ask you to compile the text, graphics, and information needed to start the website and fill out a new company form.
      4. Home Page Style & Content
        We will design a mockup for your home page taking into account attractive design, company branding, typography, and quality photography. We will send you a link where you can view the temporary preview. This is your time to critique what you love and what you want changed.
      5. Static Page Style & Content
        When you are satisfied with the mockup provided we will continue and create the rest of the pages. You will be given the opportunity to critique each page.
      6. Advanced Features, Forms and/or E-Commerce Setup
        Items such as forms, login, and ecommerce items will be developed
      7. Review & Test Website
        Our team will test your website thoroughly. You will also be given a to review as well.
      8. Add Tags, Page Titles for Optimal Search Engine Rating
      9. Setup E-mail
      10. Website Goes Public
      11. Tools & Maintenance Plan
        Our team will work with you on setting up a maintenance plan that works for you. Social Media integration and other marketing strategies can be employed. Tracking and analytics can be utilized as well.

      This is only a general outline. Steps taken will depend on the varying needs of different companies.