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Auto Parts & Accessories

"Eagle Business Software has taken our inventory management to a whole new level. It has allowed us to manage customers and their orders quickly and precisely..." - Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories

"EBMS has helped us achieve efficiency not just for our point-of-sale software needs, but our accounting needs as well. It has helped reduce the amount of time that was spent on searching for certain transactions, tracking parts, monitoring our inventory, and keep our accounting up to date. Our goal is to continue to grow our business, and EBMS will be a major tool in helping us become the successful company that we desire. Overall I am very pleased with the product and would recommend EBMS to anyone looking to help assist their company for all of their point-of-sale software and accounting needs." - Allout Offroad, Inc

"It is a great software for business. You have everything you need at your fingertips and easy to access." - Sweitzer's Performance

"I appreciate that EBMS is willing to address our personal needs and implement them quickly. [The software] works very well with our business needs." - Yipes Auto Accessories of Northern Vermont

“EBMS has allowed us to better track inventory, special orders, and pricing. The strength of this program is how it tracks where you purchased product form the date and invoice #. The ability for EBMS to upload price files from vendors is also a great feature.” – Josh Ullrich, Restylers Inc.

“The reason I went with EBMS was because it is the most versatile product for the automotive industry. I’m very pleased with your system. The software allows for much flexibility.” – Al Schwab, ECS Auto Stores

“EBMS Enables us to track more product and information. It is also a big help in costing our products and in turn has helped to ensure our parts are priced correctly to our customers. Support staff at EBMS have been very helpful and timely for responses. Reports are a HUGE help for tracking customer information. Saving documents areas for parts, orders, or customers is also a big help.” – R.E.M. Automotive Parts, Inc

“(EBMS) has saved me time and money. As I now have a complete Accounting software. My account does not have to spend as much reviewing our transactions. Easier to track customers purchases. Better multiple warehouse tracking and transactions. EBMS has helped us grow our business” – Sally Walter, Walters Auto Specialties

“I am excited about cutting my accountant's bills in half. The neatest thing about Eagle Business Software is the comprehensive and flexible payroll. It is easy to use and very quick.” – Jim, Keystone Auto & Performance Parts

Mechanical Contractors

"The software has great expandability and a good support network. This is the third software program that we've tried. It's too bad we didn't know about EBMS from day one. That sure would have saved us a lot of headache... To sum it up one software program that does it all! We use [EBMS] on a daily basis and truly would recommend it to others. It is so easy to navigate and use. From processing payroll, entering customer information and invoicing, to generating monthly reports, you will be surprised at what all EBMS has to offer." - Cocalico Plumbing and Heating

"EBMS is a fully customizable inventory management/accounting software package that is affordable to the small to medium sized business. I enjoy customizing reports to suit our needs as well as the flexibility to tap into the system for third party applications." - Wojanis Supply

"EBMS is a very well rounded software for companies with hundreds of inventory items. The reports used throughout the various modules are very helpful in managing your day to day operations. We recently added the task module to improve our service department scheduling and track work in progress and were very pleased with all the options and implementation. General Ledger reports are clear and pin point on. Inventory folder capabilities are endless. Proposals that are using the most recent pricing update upon the last vendor purchase." - Londonvale Inc

"EBMS is a comprehensive software, that integrates accounting, inventory management, job costing, reporting, manufacturing, customer contact info, among other things. EBMS is flexible and customizable to accommodate a wide range of business applications. We love it. The part I like the best about EBMS is definitely the flexibility you get from all the setting options as well as the ability to customize the design. The inventory management design is powerful. I like the min max setting for track count items and the way that works with inventory ordering. I like the many reports that EBMS can provide and the fact that custom reports can be created. The tasks module also is powerful and we use that a lot too." - JM Lapp Plumbing and Heating

"We have been using EBMS for over 9 years and are very pleased with how the software fits our business as well as the exceptional customer service we received from the Eagle Business Software team." - Jason, Mervin Zimmerman HVAC

Service & Repair

“We chose EBMS for its inventory control. The ability to see yearly sales from the purchase window, and order and set reorder points and amounts accordingly has helped a lot. The search feature enables us to find a part that could have 3 different numbers ( our own, aftermarket, oem). The advanced search is a tool we use a lot ( in inventory and other lists and reports). Client server has really sped up our searches on machines other than the main computer with the files on it. We have about 12000 inventory item numbers and searches were taking about 4 seconds, with client server that is down to less than ½ second.” – Joel Martin, Martin Parts & Repair

“The task module allows me to quickly find and record information. I believe it is a good tool in fulfilling customer expectation; for meeting deadlines and recording customer comments, etc." - Levi, Lapp Cylinder Service

“The task module of EBMS has helped us to productively manage the scheduling of service calls and maintenance jobs." - Titus, TM Refrigeration


“EBMS has reduced the number of errors we had been experiencing and the amount of down time we had trying to clear up the system “glitches”. I believe our inventory is more reliable, and our invoice appearance has been improved” – Scott Kleinberg, Service Supply Corp.

Shed Manufacturers

“One of the best things about EBMS is the ability to tweak it and customize it to track certain metrics of our business. There are a large number of reports available and reports can be customized to fit your business model. Also, the customer support is excellent.” – Matt Lapp, Woodtex

“We have been able to expand our reporting due to all of the extra fields we can utilize to complete much more detailed searches and reports. Overall this will help us understand our Sales based on locations and other detailed factors.” – Kirk Wenrich, Pine Creek Structures

“The web / EBMS inventory integration helps our customers see easily what we have in stock and what location they can see that particular item.” – James Wurst, North Country Storage Barns

Outdoor Power

"In three years our company decreased our end of year inventory by about 10%. During that time our sales grew by 21%. While we cannot measure fill rate precisely, we know that it improved as well by having more of the right things on the shelf and less of the wrong things. We did not spend nearly as much time on setting min/max levels. As a result we were able to free up cash by needing less inventory and by spending less wages on managing inventory." - Gap Power

Orchard & Produce Growers

"EBMS provides a good platform for business accounting offering a modular approach that makes it adaptable to many types of businesses. We especially appreciate the versatile, horticultural features that help us as an Agricultural business. In addition, the integration of Point-of-Sale, accounting, and inventory management for our retail farm market has become an essential part of our operation. EBMS has excellent audit features, allows flexibility in managing all accounts, and has outstanding "drill down" features that allows a quick view into specific transactions. The horticulture features provide a means of tracking yields and labor costs in a highly detailed fashion and is highly adaptable for piece rate, contract, hourly, and salaried payroll methods. The Horticulture module within EBMS allows better management of the orchard units as profit centers and helps us to analyze the operation in a way that would be tremendously time consuming otherwise." - Hollabaugh Brothers Inc.

"The integration is really good. Orchard management, payroll, sales and website, unified inventory including random weight items. The ease of having one set of data for all business units while allowing dozens of users to access it, and being able to easily backup that data. Not all databases are this easy to work with as far as ease of management." - Kauffman's Fruit Farm & Market

Building Materials

"EBMS is a software that can be tailored to fit specific needs. This allows us to conduct our business our way, without having to deal with software that does not do exactly what we would prefer. I think the best thing that I like about EBMS is that, while it has all the complexity needed for it to do what it does, it is not a complicated program to operate." - Alpha Building Center

“I would rate the software 5 out of 5. It has made it easier to keep up with receivables. The strengths include tracking payments, tracking inventory, keeping track of money in our cash drawer, and having separate accounts for customers.” - Jordan Estes, Deals Metals


"We would not be able to manage our business without Eagle Business Software. It has grown with us from five employees to more than forty." - Ryan, Groffdale Concrete Walls

"The ability to customize our needs has been one of the strongest advantages of working with EBMS. Along with the knowledge of how small businesses work, EBMS has been a great asset to our company." - Ken, Trademark Exteriors


“We are very happy with the software. The ability to quickly look up customer information from years ago has helped our customer service. The inventory purchasing screen has been very well thought out.” – Brian, Spring Mill Woodworking

“We're happy with the speed of data entry and navigation in EBMS; looking up items is very quick. We're also very pleased with the convenient ability to look back on a customer’s account to see what items he/she has purchased in the past. The 'merge items' function surprised us with how quickly and easily it made big inventory accidents disappear! The ability to link purchases to sales in certain special cases is a very valuable tool that can smooth FIFO problems on items with large fluctuations in cost. In terms of raw functionality, EBMS is a comprehensive program that, if carefully managed, can serve a business very well. We really like EBMS.” – Kenton Zimmerman, JBZ Dairy

“Stoll Fireplace Inc. has been manufacturing quality Fireplace Glass doors and accessories for 40 years. We have always looked for ways to improve over the years, and Eagle Business Software has been a very big asset to improving our production, our yearly records and reports, and has helped us cut down on labor cost. We are excited about the service they provide.” – Gary, Stoll Fireplace

Fuel Billing

"Eagle Business Software is the easiest business management program I have ever learned. It is intuitive and powerful." Joyce, - Martindale Propane


"EBMS is easy & flexible to use. We can quickly give our department directors the data they are requesting either verbally or in a summary or detail report format. We also appreciate the drill down options & year tabs. With the profit center & department management features, it is easy to allocate income & expenses to our five program areas. The profit center directors are able to see their direct & indirect income & expenses. The ability to automatically have the budget prorated monthly according to last year’s actual monthly amounts is a very useful feature. The Fixed Asset Depreciation Module has been helpful, not only to post depreciation each month, but to track costs of the assets. Some data entry is streamlined by importing the data from csv files. And, of course, the support team has been great each time we have needed them (which isn’t often). We’re glad we switched to EBMS in 2007." - Spruce Lake Retreat

Customer Case Studies

Hollabaugh Brothers Inc. 

It should be a well-known fact that nestled a few miles from the town of Gettysburg is an agricultural wonder. Hollabaugh Bros., Inc., voted “Gettysburg’s Greatest” farm market for the last three years, is an expanding business well known for their fresh fruit, especially quality apples in the fall. Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. began as a simple fruit and vegetable stand with production acreage of only 55 acres. As their business grew in success and production, Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. continued to expand their buildings and property.  Recently they razed their 50 year old fruit stand and erected a new... read more

Cocalico Plumbing & HeatingCocalico Plumbing & Heating

It was in a little two-car garage in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, that Cocalico Plumbing & Heating originated. The year was 1990, and the founder Jonathan Moyer. In its humble beginning, the company was gaining momentum through much hard work and prompt and courteous service. Fair and reasonable rates also helped. At that time, there were only four employees... read more

Country CreationsCountry Creations

Come with me as we take a scenic drive through the narrow Lancaster County country roads. We’ll leave Route 30 behind and head for North Star Road. Nestled quietly amidst the farmland is our destination - a beautiful remodeled horse barn. This 100 year old barn is now the location of an exquisite country store called Country Creations... read more


Gap PowerGap Power

It’s all about the action at Gap Power! This place is every man’s dream with a full toolbox of every tool ever needed. Gap Power has rapidly grown into a resource the communities of Lancaster and Chester Counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania have come to count on. What started as an Outdoor Power Equipment retailer in 1986 has morphed into a diversified business well known for its wide selection of products available for rent. read more


Keystone AutoKeystone Auto and Performance Parts

Focusing primarily on aftermarket accessories, Keystone Auto & Performance Parts has been serving the area surrounding Newry, Pennsylvania since 1994.  It has grown rapidly over the past years and was pleased to increase its sales by 1000% during a span of only thirteen years... read more


Lancaster StoneLancaster Stone Company, Inc.

You've seen it - the stone home across the block, recently built, with a four-car garage. Or is it stone? Perhaps it is manufactured stone veneer, and just possibly this product is within your budget range as well! Lancaster Stone Company is located in Leola, Pennsylvania, along Farmland Road. The business was founded in 1998... read more


Stoll FireplaceStoll Fireplace, Inc.

Many factors can influence the success of a business: timing, talent and opportunity to name a few. When Bill Stoll moved to Abbeville, South Carolina, in 1969 and started a small machine shop with his sons, he never dreamed it would grow into a manufacturing company that would meet the needs of fireplace owners across the United States. It all started as a home-improvement project to fix his drab fireplace... read more


Yoder's Country MarketYoder's Country Market

Nestled among the hills of central Virginia can be found a truly unique business that keeps customers coming back again and again. Since 1984, Yoder’s Country Market has been providing a friendly, wholesome experience for young and old alike...  read more


Zimmerman Auto Body SuppliesZimmerman Auto Body Supplies, Inc.

Founded in 1979 by Ed Zimmerman, Zimmerman's Auto Body Supplies grew out of a body work shop he had managed since the age of eighteen. Since then, it has grown to four locations operating as separate entities but with the same function. It was after the addition of a York location that they chose to incorporate the Eagle Business Software into the fabric of their company... read more

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